Sales Training

CRUST is passionate about training. Our baked goods will sell themselves because of the natural ingredients and the artisanal, handcraft processes we use.  However, we know that many of your customers may not appreciate the difference between high-volume, commercial products and our hand-craft breads, cookies, pastries, pies, and cakes.

We believe it is critical that your sales people know and appreciate the difference so that they can comfortably call attention to the details.  To this end, we have developed an informational, entertaining, and taste-full training class.  It runs approximately two and a half hours and features our breads, pastries and pies.


Each segment of the class:

  • presents a brief history relating to the product,
  • describes the various types,
  • demonstrates recommended methods for handling, cutting, and storage,
  • offers tasting notes and samplings.